In 2000, while living in Hong Kong, I decided to become an Architectural Photographer.  It seemed the ideal fit for someone with a passion for both architecture and photography. 


After a number of years working in Hong Kong as a photographer for: architects, interior designers and property developers, I moved to Brisbane.  In 2015, after a break, in which time I completed a Master of Architecture degree at Queensland University of Technology, I re-launched my photography career.


I aim to bring my enthusiasm for the subject- architecture and the medium- photography to each project.  My ambition is to produce informative and striking images.   With my architectural education, I am able to discuss projects with clients and understand their language and thinking.


I pay careful attention to the fundamentals of:  composition, light and qualities of the space.  I consider the time of day, to make the best use of natural light and I look for graphic qualities and contrasts: light and dark, straight and curved lines.    I take great care to bring out the best of the design.  It is all about attention to detail. Everything has to be right – from the lighting, to the colour, to the composition.  The collection of images should fully illustrate the project and reveal the design intent.


I love what I do and I look forward to helping you out with your projects.









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